[ad_1]  Korea announces strategic plan against emerging infectious diseasesThe Korean Government has announced the medium- and long-term strategic plan against emerging infectious diseases. Under the strategic plan, the government has
[ad_1]  Scientists Create New Antimicrobial Coating That Can Kill Many Bacteria and Even the COVID-19 VirusResearchers have used a common disinfectant and antiseptic to create a new antimicrobial coating material
[ad_1] New SEISMIC facility could improve our understanding of infectious diseases, aging and cancersA new national research facility could significantly improve our understanding of infectious diseases, aging and cancers, leading
[ad_1] An automated platform to compile COVID-19 researchScientists have developed an automated knowledge portal known as COVIDScholar that complies more than 260,000 research articles, patents, and clinical trials related to
[ad_1] BackgroundThe severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak has created multiple challenges for heart transplantation facilities, adversely affecting all aspects of HT, including wait-list mortality, recipient survival, and
[ad_1]  Bladder Immune Cells' Memory Deficit May Aid Re-InfectionUrinary tract infections (UTIs) reoccur easily, in part, because one type of bladder immune cells is slow to develop immune memory, finds
[ad_1]                            Infectious diseases treatment with a latex containing milk producing plantLAHORE - Infectious Diseases and their treatment with

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