Diagnosing devices for infectious diseases, such as Covid-19, will likely be included in innovative medical equipment.

Rep. Kim Min-seok of the opposition Democratic Party of Korea said Monday that he had proposed a revision bill of the act on fostering and supporting innovative medical equipment.

The amendment stipulates that the central and local governments provide support for researching, developing, and commercializing devices for the quick diagnosis of infectious diseases by including related products in the category of innovative medical equipment.

The current target areas for the government’s designation of new medical devices include cutting-edge technology with high technological intensity and rapid innovation speed.

Also included in this category is equipment, which will likely improve existing medical technology drastically, which urgently requires the development of core technology applicable to medical devices, and which has few alternative medical devices or whose domestic supply is difficult in diagnosing and treating rare and intractable diseases.

The cutting-edge technology group includes artificial intelligence and big data technology, digital-wearable technology, medical robotics technology, smart care technology, and the next-generation in vitro diagnostic technology.

“The Covid-19 pandemic showed the appearance of new infectious disease or the inflow of infectious diseases that had been unknown in this country could destroy the quarantine system and threaten public health significantly,” Rep. Kim said. “On the other hand, the swift development and use of medical devices, including diagnostic kits, can prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect public health.”

Kim stressed the need to continue to develop and manufacture diagnostic reagents and medical devices to prepare for the spread of infectious diseases that can attack the nation unexpectedly.

“Therefore, the government needs to support it for the public good,” he added.

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Lawmaker pushes to include infectious disease diagnosis kits in innovative medical products

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