HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 18th Sep, 2022 ) :Due to lack of interest of the local administration, health and municipal authorities in conducting anti mosquito spray and fumigation, the dengue fever, malaria and other infectious diseases were on the rise in the district.

After the recent rains and floods, fever with cold, cough, malaria, dengue and other viral diseases have spread across Sindh and cases are increasing rapidly in Hyderabad district like other cities.

Thousands of displaced people belonging to the flood-affected areas of Sindh are living in relief camps established by the district administration, where women, children and the elderly have suffered from various diseases.

The citizens are worried about the increase in diseases like dengue, malaria and other infections caused by mosquito bites and demanded of the concerned institutions to conduct fumigation and anti-mosquito sprays in city and rural areas so that these diseases could be prevented from increasing further.

The district health officer was contacted through WhatsApp but he did not respond.

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Dengue, Malaria Cases Surge Amid Lack Of Anti-mosquito Fumigation In City

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